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Bathe Here

It can be carried, thrown, balanced, bit into, stacked, rolled, kicked and slid across the room.

This live performance is a collaboration between female bodies and bars of soap. This is an action-based exploration of releasing our bodies and this particular object from their conventional meanings to create new images and situations that empower us. Playfully performed repetitive actions exhaust our female bodies that work simultaneously to exhaust the possibilities and complexities of our chosen material, soap.

First Performed at the Pearce Institute 2019

Role: Performer

Directed and Performed by: Anya Bowcott.

Performed by: Minnie Crook, Anya Bowcott, Flora Robson, Rossy Trewin-Marshal, Sofie Andersen, Tess Wood.

Photography: Julia Bauer

Bathe Here 1.jpg
Bathe Here 2.jpg
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